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Finally unlock the secret to Gen Z and Gen Alpha with a simple framework that keeps every student interested, curious, and begging for more. Create a classroom environment that ignites a desire to learn in every student.

Are you...

If you think that hamster running on his wheel's got NOTHING on your day-to-day, you're in the right place!

It's time for you to implement your mile-long to-do list (which is growing by the day) into a proven system to reduce your stress and reclaim your time.

Maybe you're pulling out all the stops...you feel like you're projecting a constant dog and pony show for your students and yet, when it comes time for them to engage, crickets!

If you're not a living TikTok video, they're not interested, right?

It's time to turn all of this on its head with a system that has worked for hundreds of teachers in classrooms just like yours to get your students interested again.

We know "teacher tired" is a phrase for a reason, but even when you're doing everything right, it's all going wrong. Why aren't you getting the results that you KNOW are possible?

You need to shift what you're doing into a framework that gets the gears turning and your classroom functioning on a level that makes teaching fun again.

Picture starting your class each day and...

✅ Students immediately getting to work with minimal direction

✅ Actively having meaningful conversations with each one throughout class

✅ Watching them stay on task and getting lost in content (was that the bell?!)

✅ Every student working on exactly what they need to do well

✅ Grading without redundancy and actually enjoying it

It's possible with the right  system in place

Here's the thing...
Teachers aren't miracle workers.

Sure, we want to save every student, but there are only 24 hours in a day, right?

And I'm going to be BLUNTLY honest with you...The expectations are high, but the tools that we should have been given to even mildly succeed at all of this are non-existent for entirely too many teachers out there.

How can we be expected to succeed if we aren't given any guidance or tools on HOW to succeed?

Now, mind you...some people have been given the tools. And if they are given the tools, it's a lot easier to make some magic happen.

Those "missing tools" are available within the signature "Student Engagement Framework"

Being trained to teach and actually doing it are two very different things. Throw in a generation that is learning differently than any other generation before them and jobs that once filled educators with passion and determination are sending them home exhausted and downtrodden at night.

“A Passion for Progress: Being a Rock Star Teacher in a Stressed-Out World” helps you to create a plan to ignite intrinsic motivation in your students, lowering your stress level, reclaiming your time, and allowing you to watch your students succeed.

A 6-hour Professional Development certificate is issued when completed (but the program is go-at-your-own-pace, so you can earn that when the time is right for you!). The program also allows you to lesson plan as you progress through the material, saving you valuable time and resources while refilling your teacher cup.

"I have been teaching 8 parts of speech with my virtual EL class. It is 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. We have done 11 or 12 of the charts. Some of them have been together, and some have been done by students. We love working on them. Today was my observation day (virtually) so the principal came into the online class. We were working on one of these together. We used a really fun "turkey" picture since it is so close to Thanksgiving. The students pulled the principal in by making her choose one of the nouns and adjectives and creating a simile. They then presented some of the other ones they had done to show how far they had come. They also suggested that we create a Google spreadsheet with new words so that they can put them in the columns for each part of speech!! She was shocked at what they knew! Not only with parts of speech and writing but how well they were doing with technology. Needless to say, I got a 4/4 on my observation!"

"I know it's only the third day, but I've watched my students be more engaged through the entire period and doing more for themselves. I've used EdPuzzle and they are going back to the videos for reminders and guidance through their work. They immediately started using the new vocabulary correctly. I was even surprised to notice my energy was not completely gone by last period. Instead, I felt better about being able to touch base with more students and guide them where they were at. Watching them is giving me hope that I can do this and am on the right track."


Systems that worked in the past don’t work the same now for one simple reason: it’s nearly impossible to teach today’s older Generation Z or younger Generation Alpha the same way as past generations…

Think about it. They were all born post-9/11. The internet has never been a novelty to them and smartphones were never the “new” thing. Their brains are legitimately wired differently than those who had to wait in their lives for those luxuries. They believe in instant gratification and if it’s not of interest to them, they quickly move on to the next thing that is.

If you spend more time than you care to admit wanting to pull your hair out with these kids, you’re not alone.

Being trained to teach and actually doing it are two very different things. Throw in a generation that is learning differently than any other generation before them, combined with unreal expectations from outside forces, and jobs that once filled educators with passion and determination are sending them home exhausted and downtrodden at night.

Listen to what some participants have to say about their classrooms after "A Passion for Progress":



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