Jeysel Vento

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This post is part of our summer 2020 series showcasing unique classrooms. Be sure to check out all our teachers who have been selected to see what they’ve done in their rooms.

Describe your classroom set up:

In design, it is a modern farmhouse feel. There are desks that are grouped together to make the appearance of tables and gives the ability for each pod to collaborate. We can quickly move the desks around if the activity warrants it and it creates a flexible feel.

There are also elements of flexible seating in various places within the room.

Why did you choose this particular layout?

I wanted my classroom to feel like home. With the decor, it naturally gives a home-like atmosphere and the way the students are located creates a sense of community within the classroom.

What is your favorite part of your design?

My reading nook. It was such an easy idea to come up with, but is definitely outside-of-the-box when it comes to classroom decor. It helps add to the ambiance of the home-like feel that I go for within my room.

Did anything surprise you about how your students reacted to your classroom (behavior, enjoyment, etc.)?

My students couldn’t believe there was a ”bunk bed” in our classroom. They work extremely hard to earn a turn to visit the book nook. This helps so much with classroom management, student participation, and work ethic within the room.

What is the biggest piece of design advice you can provide for someone who is just starting to think “outside of the box” in terms of classroom design?

Think big! Creativity has no limits. You’ll be surprised what you can create from nothing. Also, it takes time to build your dream classroom. You’ll collect things throughout the year.

Also, the Facebook market place and offer up are GREAT tools to find things for your classrooms. Many sellers are extra kind to teachers, after explaining what I’d be using the items for they’ll often lower the cost.

Jeysel Vento is a 3rd-grade ELA teacher in Florida. You can follow her on Instagram @teach_and_uplift.

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