Math Racer: A Multiplication Racing Game (on paper!)

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Often when you start Googling for multiplication racing games, the internet looks back at you with a lot of awesome games that are all technologically based.

While there are some fantastic multiplication racing games out there online, sometimes it is necessary or simply more convenient to have one that can be printed out on paper and have the students’ hands on it.

Knowing that adding a challenge (in this case, a multiplication race) adds an element of excitement for our students, the level of both buy-in and engagement improves and thus, more learning takes place.

The best part is that this particular multiplication racing game can be adapted for different students. Being able to differentiate based on educational need is not only necessary but extremely handy as well.

Introducing “Math Racer

My son has been obsessed with NASCAR since he was old enough to watch the cars go around the track. As a matter of fact, the very first thing he ever watched on television when he was little was the Daytona 500. We had tried all the typical children’s shows, but the first thing he was ever locked and loaded on was that race. From that moment on, he wanted to go fast!

Adding that racecar element to a game that helps with multiplication skills was a huge bonus in this case.

Math Racer is simple but effective.

Preview of completed Math Racer Game

The student (or teacher) begins by picking three different denominators to work on for each of the three laps. In the example above, the numbers 3, 4, and 5 were selected.

There is also an option to do just one lap with one denominator. This is on a separate game board.

From here, the students need a timer and something to write with.

They will activate the timer and begin moving left from the “Start” location. Under where it says “lap 1”, they will answer the question.

For instance, the first equation to solve would be “3 x 0”.

Once they answer that equation, they would move on to the next in line. In this instance, it would be “3 x 1”.

The student will work their way around the board until the final equation is solved (3 x 12) and they will stop the timer and record their “lap time”. In this case, the first lap time was 1:10.

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There are also two different versions of this particular game board. The one that is pictured above labels each lap so as the student does not need to adjust his or her paper at all. The other version makes it so they need to spin the paper to keep up with the track lap labels (as shown in the example below). This just adds another element of challenge.

Once the first lap is completed, they will then move on to the second lap, doing the same, and then finally the third.

Example of student completing "Math Racer" activity

This can really be modified in so many ways for students who seemingly know their time tables already and others that are finding them to be more of a challenge.

It can be a homework assignment, center activity, or whole class challenge.

The possibilities are endless.

As I’ve mentioned over and over for various subjects, you know your students best. You know what they need, who needs an extra push, and who needs to be challenged more. This activity is a great way to review multiplication while meeting all students where their needs are.

And the best part is…it’s fun.

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