Krystal Nelson: Pizza Fractions

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After learning about fractions, Krystal Nelson transformed her classroom into a pizza paradise! Her pizza fractions idea came to life when she changed her classroom into a pizza shop for her first graders. Check it out as one of our classroom design spotlights.

1. Describe your classroom set up:

This classroom set up was a room transformation that I did in my first-grade class. My room still had a similar layout to what it usually did with flexible seating options, but I transformed it to look like a pizzeria! We called our classroom the First Grade Café. Students had checkered table cloths, aprons of their own, even pizzas hanging from the ceiling! It truly looked like an Italian pizzeria complete with Italian music playing in the background.

classroom designed to look like a pizzeria

2. Why did you choose this particular layout? 

I  chose this room transformation because it was the end of the year and I love to switch up our room close to the end of the year to keep student engagement and to make the end of the year exciting! Plus, my students were practicing a lot with fractions and I wanted to incorporate the pizzas from our Italian pizzeria to help them practice fractions during this week. 

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3.  What is your favorite part of your design?

I loved this entire design and room transformation. I think my favorite part was just seeing the students get so excited to learn during the week when my room was transformed. They were so engaged and excited. I also loved all of the activities we were able to do. We made pizza fractions, we made noodles to practice adjectives, we created our own restaurants, practiced with money and SO much more! 

4.  Did anything surprise you about how your students reacted to your classroom (behavior, enjoyment, etc.)?

When transforming your classroom you may think that students will be so excited that there may be behavior issues. The students were so engaged with the lessons and environment, that we had one of our BEST and easiest weeks as far as behavior goes. It surprised me that even though our room was different and their environment changed, the students were so engaged you wouldn’t even know! It was amazing! 

Little girl holding pizza box with apron and chef hat

5.  What is the biggest piece of design advice you can provide for someone who is just starting to think “outside of the box” in terms of classroom design?

I would say to enjoy it! This room transformation was so much fun for the students, but I also had a blast during this week. Embrace it, enjoy it, have fun! 

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