There are currently 3 issues plaguing teachers….
🤷 Students don't know how to be students anymore

😡 Admin thinks its business as usual

😵‍💫 Teachers are one straw away from snapping
I listened...asked more questions...and listened again. That's how I came up with "The Classroom Reset"

The Classroom Reset is free, starts on December 4th, and gives you powerful, actionable steps to help combat each of those areas in 10 minutes a day.
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for "Stop the Chatter: Retraining the COVID Kids" eBook

You need a system that works for Generation Z and Generation A who had their lives and learning capabilities completely disrupted by the COVID pandemic. Something that recognizes that there is always an underlying reason for bad behavior, but also sets up a foolproof system for what you DO have control over, not focusing on the areas you don’t.


Because frankly, it doesn’t matter who is “responsible” for the behavior we are currently seeing in the classroom; if you don’t find a happy medium with these kids, you won’t be moving forward without a fight.


Friends, this is a whole new world we’re teaching in. The students are exhausted and so are we. All parties are stressed ALL THE TIME. It’s about time we take the reigns and regain our classrooms and our sanity.

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