Let me guess...
Every time you turn around, it seems like only a handful of kids are on task at any given time; you can't get students to pay attention during class, never mind getting them to actually DO anything; now matter how many ways you ask, they won't stop talking and when you do threaten to call home, they "don't care" (or, even worse, their parents don't care either); you watch them lay on teh floor, talk to their friends across the room, and continually leave the classroom like its a revolving door; and at this point, it feels like you've tried it all: color charts, taking time from recess, punch cards, table points, calling home, class jars, extra free time, teacher vs. class points, incentives, administrative notices, doorbells, chimes, clapping...none of it is working; you take a break and they start talking...again...
What if I told you it didn't have to be this way?
In fact, your classroom will be full of happy, respectful students who enjoy learning in your community and want to be there because they are engaged and focused on learning and not grades. They are driving instruction and won't give up until they succeed.
Because of this, they feel like they are successful and believe in themselves...they feel safe to ask questions. They might make mistakes, but they learn from them and because of this, your classroom is full of laughter and everyone feels valued and loved.
Your lesson? Perfection. You're having conversations with every student and building those oh-so-important relationships. As the students work, they're engaged in discussion, asking questions, working together, etc., even if they're not quite mastering the content yet...which is fine, because you have another activity ready to go to build off those topics later on, so you're confident they'll get there.
The best part? Students leave your class saying how much they enjoyed it and what they learned today.
In fact, your students will bound into your classroom each day asking, "what are we doing today?" with general anticipation for what your answer is.

You need a system that works for Generation Z and Generation Alpha who had their lives and learning capabilities completely disrupted by the COVID pandemic and the general unrest following. Something that recognizes that there is always an underlying reason for bad behavior, but also sets up a foolproof system for what you DO have control over, not focusing on the areas you don’t.


Because frankly, it doesn’t matter who is “responsible” for the behavior we are currently seeing in the classroom; if you don’t find a happy medium with these kids, you won’t be moving forward without a fight.


Friends, this is a whole new world we’re teaching in. The students are exhausted and so are we. All parties are stressed ALL THE TIME. It’s about time we take the reigns and regain our classrooms and our sanity.

Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading!
Introducing "Stop the Chatter" eBook, a simple guide to understanding why our students are struggling and fast-action, manageable tasks for the classroom that will bring them back. Get the process started today.
In case we haven't met yet, I'm Jenn, *that* teacher who is known for not only my foolproof management and engagement system I began developing in 2007 (that has proven to work in hundreds of k-12 classrooms), but also for my love of passing this information off to teachers just like you who know it's possible, but just can't seem to find a consistent rhythm in this climate.
What's inside?
In this eBook (that you can read on your lunch break!), you will learn not only the "why" of this behavior issue in the classroom but also the "how" in terms of fixing it with my 5-step system of getting your classroom back, a process I call the L.E.A.R.N. Method.
L.ifestyle E.ducation A.ttitude R.esponse N.atural Each phase focuses not only on that "ah ha" moment for you but also gives you quick, feasible steps to implement within your classroom right away.
I start you off with a short video and then the rest is up to your skimming pleasure (with an audio book option, too!)
Bonus! Since I'm confident you'll be ready to take everything one step further quickly, I'm also including my "Growth Mindset through Goal Setting" year-long activity set and a complete template set for parent contact.
Ready to get your classroom back? $29
Find Joy Again: You will start finding joy in coming to school each day, no longer concerned about the behavior issues that are plaguing your classroom every day.
Parents: Parent contact will change from, "I don't approve of my child's behavior, but what did you do to make them do it?!" to "I am so happy to have heard from you. Thanks for letting me know!"
School Rollout: Instead of having another method that just doesn't work as something rolled out by your district (with no real training on it, am I right?), this is actually feasible and easily understood.
Once you snag your copy, you will be sent to a video from me (make sure you watch this video! Everything else will make SO much more sense once you do). Then, you'll start working through the book...have a notebook handy because you're going to be jotting down all KINDS of notes as your wheels really start turning.
If you can find an hour, you can completely reshape your classroom back into a sanctuary of love and learning instead of behavior issues and stress
And I get it...
When I was pregnant, I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (twice), an extremely severe type of morning sickness. Only 3% of women get this and I was one of the lucky ones. If I had $1 for every time someone asked me if I had just tried saltines and ginger ale, I would still be sailing my yacht around the world. From this, there is one thing I learned:
There's nothing more annoying than someone giving you advice that is so basic and common sense that it's a waste of your time and energy to even listen. So, needless to say, I don't do that.
I know this current model of education is impossible and you're probably wondering how you'll add one more thing to your plate. This isn't another thing to add to your to-do list. It's going to help you refocus your students and get your classroom back again without all the painful, demeaning, blank stares (or worse...laughter) you've been getting so far.
It's time to take back your classroom and enjoy your days teaching again.
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