Top Three Mistakes in Student-Centered Instruction

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Did you know that when most teachers start out with the student-centered method, they aren’t truly giving their students a learner-centered experience? Join us for our free webinar where we will discuss the top three mistakes that almost EVERY educator makes when starting to plan student-focused lessons in their classroom.

There is NO SHAME in realizing that you are making these mistakes. They are quite universal as there isn’t much out there that actually explains how to successfully implement student-centered learning into your classroom. Sure, we’ve read the theory and the data that shows how beneficial it is, but there is a serious lack of information about how to do it…and do it correctly…until now.

Student-Centered World was created with one premise: help teachers both master AND quickly implement student-centered learning into their classrooms. With the right game plan and universal template, it is much easier (and more successful) than you could ever imagine! Watch our video below to learn what these mistakes are and ideas on how to fix them.