About SCW


In love with all things “hands-on” in the classroom.

Humans learn by doing…teaching students by facilitation will help them understand on a deeper level than ever imaginable.


Student-Centered World was born out of one thought:

We keep being told our classrooms should be student-centered, but nothing out there tells us how to do it.


Isn’t that the Catch 22 in teaching? It seems school districts want to jump on the newest educational bandwagon (oftentimes, it is rightfully so), but how many really provide the training on how to do it properly?

Chances are, you’re visiting the page because:

-You’re not sure where to start

-Switching to a student-centered environment seems intimidating

-You don’t know if you’re “doing it right”

-You need ideas on how to make this method work

Well, there’s one thing you definitely need to know…this method WORKS and it’s NOT as hard as you would think to implement it in your classroom!


Jenn Breisacher started her teaching journey in 2007. She graduated Cum Laude with her BA from Monmouth University with dual majors in both
History and Education. Throughout her tenure of teaching, she taught in both an affluent, academically charged district and also a Title I, technical CTE school.

Through her own research and both trial and (lots of) error, she was able to make the transition from a 100% teacher-led classroom to a 100% student-led one, with her final years encompassing a blended learning model (including teaching a course that was fully hybrid).

While managing this, Jenn also started a family and received her Master of Science degree in Public Service Leadership from Capella University.

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