Welcome to Student-Centered World


Student-centered learning is the best way to see real progress and understanding in your classroom. Whereas traditional teaching scrapes the surface of content, a student-centered environment encourages students to delve deeper into a myriad of topics to get a much richer understanding.


Student-centered learning puts the ownership of learning on the student, not the teacher. Whereas in a traditional classroom the teacher is telling the students what they need to know, a student-centered classroom has the students work hands-on with the content material to discover it on their own accord and understand it on a deeper level than if they were just told about it.


Student-centered learning is all about understanding, not regurgitation.


While it can seem completely overwhelming at first, #studentcenteredlearning is actually not only fun to prepare, but an absolutely incredible way to watch your students flourish. At Student-Centered World, we hope to be the “go-to” resource for how to make learning come alive in your classroom. It is easier to do than you think!


Humans learn by doing…teaching students by facilitation will help them understand on a deeper level than ever imaginable.