5 Classroom Organization Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

As teachers, we are always trying to find new classroom organization ideas. Having an organized classroom looks different to different people, but no matter what your system is, it is important to find different ways to grant easy access to classroom materials. Though I have covered specific classroom organization products before, this focuses a little … Read more

Creating a Classroom Management Discipline Plan

Creating a classroom discipline plan in the present is different than it has been for generations before. While traditionally, classroom rules have laid out expectations and then had punitive, disciplinary action for not following those school rules to try and deter student misbehavior, as time marches forward it is apparent that this model doesn’t do … Read more

How did Renaissance art reflect humanist concerns?

The Renaissance took place in the Italian city-states, beginning in the late 14th century. The first two decades of the 15th century represent the high point of this period of cultural activity. During that time, some very important developments occurred, including new forms of expression and artistic styles. The term “Renaissance” literally means “rebirth” and … Read more

Classroom Behavior Discipline Strategies for K-12 Student Management

Finding universal classroom behavior discipline techniques that are effective can be somewhat of a challenge. We have an expectation of what student behavior should look like and can identify inappropriate behavior as it happens, but as classroom teachers, how should we collectively address classroom behavior discipline problems? Truly, disciplinary action in positive learning environments really … Read more

Common Classroom Challenges in the Traditional Classroom

A very distinct vision comes to mind when thinking of a traditional classroom in our school districts: the arrangement of the desks, the positioning of the teacher, the location of the students. However, there are many classroom challenges that are coming to the forefront with this antiquated model of classroom development. One challenge is the … Read more

Tips for School Teachers in the Prevention of Teacher Burnout

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with educators from across the teaching profession since starting Student-Centered World. From new teachers to veteran teachers to school leaders, teacher burnout hides from no one. It is very clear that the main pain point from all of them, no matter where they are in their teacher journey, is … Read more

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