If you are in the classroom struggling with:

😔 A lack of student engagement…

😔 Apathetic students…

😔 Keeping your class on track…

😔Just getting through the curriculum…

You are 60 minutes away from creating an immediate, actionable plan to turn that around.
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What You'll Learn...

Why student choice is the key to student engagement (and the data that backs it up!)
Quick ideas that you can use in the classroom tomorrow
How student choice fits in the greater model of the Student Engagement Framework
Even more ways to engage your students all year

✔️Even more overwhelmed than before you started (“Is that even possible?!”)

✔️Searching for more information (or just letting the ideas go by the wayside because you don’t have time to research)

✔️Feeling guilty over the things you “should” be doing in your classroom to get it “right” because someone who doesn’t know your situation said so

✔️Wondering if teaching is even where you should be anymore

✔️Left with just one option: Spend money you don’t have on a program that you don’t have time for

(Full transparency: I’ll be talking about my own program at the end of the workshop, but I’ll tell you right now…it’s structured to walk you through your lesson planning AS you do it…and it consistently leaves teachers with options in the classroom, less stress on their hearts, and more time in their lives inside and outside of school!)

About the Presenter

Jenn Breisacher started her teaching journey in 2007. She graduated Cum Laude with her BA from Monmouth University with dual majors in both History and Education. Throughout her tenure of teaching, she taught in both an affluent, academically charged district and also a Title I, technical CTE school.

Through her own research and both trial and (lots of) error, she was able to make the transition from a 100% teacher-led classroom to a 100% student-led one, with her final years encompassing a blended learning model (including teaching a course that was fully hybrid).

After falling in love with giving workshops to other teachers and finding it her calling to help students outside of the walls of her own classroom, Jenn founded Student-Centered World in 2018 with the goal of helping every teacher create a fully engaged classroom and ignite intrinsic motivation in their students, in turn reducing teacher stress, reclaiming teacher time, and increasing student success.

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