If you are in the classroom struggling with:


😔 A lack of student engagement…


😔 Apathetic students…


😔 Keeping your class on track…


😔Just getting through the curriculum…

You are 45-minutes away from creating an immediate, actionable plan to turn that around.
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What You'll Learn...

Why student choice is the key to student engagement for today’s students (and the data that backs it up!)


Quick ideas that you can use in the classroom tomorrow


 Even more ways to engage your students all year

✔️Even more overwhelmed than before you started (“Is that even possible?!”)

✔️Searching for more information (or just letting the ideas go by the wayside because you don’t have time to research)

✔️Feeling guilty over the things you “should” be doing in your classroom to get it “right” because someone who doesn’t know your situation said so

✔️Wondering if teaching is even where you should be anymore

✔️Left with just one option: Spend money you don’t have on a program that you don’t have time for

Fortunately, this isn’t that type of workshop!!

Jenn Breisacher pointing at brick at National WWII Museum

About the Presenter

Jenn Breisacher founded Student-Centered World with a visionary mission to address the challenge of student engagement in modern classrooms by fostering student intrinsic motivation. Understanding the gap between educational aspiration and practical implementation, Jenn offers tangible solutions to empower teachers and transform classrooms into dynamic, student-focused environments.

Through her platform, she not only shares inspiration but equips educators with the necessary tools for immediate and impactful changes, ensuring no teacher navigates the journey alone.

Jenn’s teacher journey reflects a commitment to continuous improvement, transitioning from teacher-led to student-centered methodologies. Student-Centered World serves as a beacon for teachers seeking guidance and practical strategies to unlock the potential of every student. By offering accessible resources and timely insights, Jenn empowers educators to create engaging, student-driven learning environments, shaping the future of education one classroom at a time.

“Choosing Choice” Free Teacher Workshop
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