How did Renaissance art reflect humanist concerns?

The Renaissance took place in the Italian city-states, beginning in the late 14th century. The first two decades of the 15th century represent the high point of this period of cultural activity. During that time, some very important developments occurred, including new forms of expression and artistic styles. The term “Renaissance” literally means “rebirth” and … Read more

Meaningful Lesson Plan on Civil Rights Movement

When teachers begin searching for a good lesson plan on Civil Rights Movement, so many variables come into play. It is such an important topic in American history that it should be given the appropriate amount of attention, but we all know we are within time constraints of our curriculums and there are only so … Read more

World War 2 Map of Europe Activity

With a curriculum as expansive as some historical ones are, we often shlep through talking about matters of geography. We might show a map in passing or glance over it when it’s relevant, but we are truly doing our students a disservice by not digging deeper, especially when looking at the World War 2 Map … Read more

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