Voki for Education: Create a Speaking Classroom Avatar
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Voki for Education: Create a Speaking Classroom Avatar

Voki is an innovative educational tool that brings the magic of animated avatars into your classroom instruction. It offers a collection of customizable speaking avatars, known as Voki characters, that can be used in a variety of educational settings. These avatars allow students to express themselves using their own voice or a text-to-speech feature, making learning interactive and engaging.

With a variety of characters and facial features to choose from, Voki provides endless opportunities for creativity. Teachers can easily integrate these avatars into lesson plans, presentations, and projects, adding a fun and dynamic element to classroom activities. Voki not only enhances the educational experience but also supports different learning styles, making it a versatile tool for teachers and students alike.

Why Use Voki?

Voki is a great tool for enhancing student engagement and participation. By incorporating Voki avatars into lesson plans, teachers can create a fun version of traditional presentation tools like PowerPoint. The use of Voki can help in maintaining classroom management by captivating students’ attention through these animated characters. This interactive approach encourages students to participate actively and fosters a more collaborative learning environment. Additionally, Voki can be used to cater to different learning styles, whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, ensuring that all students benefit from its use.


The fun and engaging nature of Voki makes it an excellent choice for teachers looking to bring excitement and innovation into their classrooms.

How Does Voki Work?

Using Voki is simple. Teachers and students can create avatars by customizing facial features, clothing, and background settings. This personalization enhances the avatar’s appearance, allowing for greater internalization of lesson content.

Once created, avatars can speak in the student’s own voice or through pre-recorded audio files, which can be particularly beneficial in language classes or for practicing sight words.

Classroom Applications of Voki

Here are some effective ways to integrate Voki into your classroom:

  1. Presentation Tools: Use Voki Presenter to create interactive presentations that engage students. Voki avatars can act as tour guides, narrating content and making lessons more relatable.
  2. Language Learning: In foreign language classes, Voki provides contextualized learning experiences by allowing students to practice pronunciation and listening skills. The animated avatars help in making lessons more enjoyable, leading to better lesson comprehension.
  3. Historical Figures: Bring history to life by creating avatars of historical figures. Students can input biographical information and facts, making the learning experience more dynamic.
  4. Social Media and Web Pages: Integrate Voki avatars into classroom websites or web pages to create a welcoming and interactive environment. This can also be used to share classroom news or updates.
  5. Differentiated Instruction: Cater to different learning styles by using Voki avatars as an audio-visual aid. This tool supports students’ levels of understanding through engaging and personalized content.

Voki Features

  • Variety of Characters: Voki offers a wide range of avatars, from animals to human-like figures, allowing for diverse representations.
  • Embed Code: Easily share your creations on web pages or social media using embed codes provided by the Voki team.
  • Voki Classroom: A paid version that offers additional features like student accounts, which enable teachers to manage and monitor student progress.
  • Voki Presenter: A super tool that allows for the creation of detailed presentations with voiceover from Voki avatars.

Voki in Elementary Schools

In elementary schools, Voki is a fantastic tool for capturing young students’ imaginations. Teachers can use Voki avatars to introduce new concepts in a fun and engaging way, helping students better understand and retain information. By creating personalized avatars, students can practice language skills, and storytelling, and even explore different subjects like science or social studies.

This interactive approach promotes participation and excitement, making learning enjoyable for younger students.

Voki in Middle Schools

Voki is particularly popular in middle schools, where it serves as an excellent tool for increasing student engagement. Middle school students often respond well to interactive and dynamic content, and Voki provides just that. Teachers can use Voki avatars to create fun, educational content that supports lesson comprehension and caters to different learning styles.

By incorporating Voki into projects and presentations, students are encouraged to express their creativity while reinforcing their understanding of the material.

This approach not only makes learning more enjoyable but also helps students retain information more effectively. Additionally, using Voki in middle schools fosters collaboration, as students can work together to create avatars that represent various concepts or historical figures, enhancing their teamwork and communication skills.

Voki in High Schools

In high schools, Voki serves as an innovative tool to enhance classroom instruction. Teachers can use Voki to create dynamic presentations that engage students in subjects such as literature, history, and foreign languages. Students can develop their own avatars to present research projects or explore complex topics, fostering critical thinking and creativity.

This use of technology caters to different learning styles and encourages active participation, making Voki a valuable addition to high school classrooms.

Safety and Support

The Voki website emphasizes safety, ensuring that identifiable information such as credit card numbers is protected through secure connections. Voki is committed to maintaining a safe environment for students and teachers, ensuring that data privacy is a top priority. Moreover, the Voki support team is readily available to assist with any questions or technical issues.

Whether you need help with creating avatars, navigating the site, or integrating Voki into your lesson plans, the support team offers prompt and friendly assistance. This ensures that teachers can confidently use Voki as an educational tool, knowing they have reliable support when needed.

Getting Started

To start using Voki:

  1. Visit the Voki homepage and sign up for a free or paid account.
  2. Explore the available EdTech tools and choose the best fit for your classroom needs.
  3. Create a variety of characters using the customization options for facial features and avatars’ appearances.
  4. Integrate Voki into your lesson plans and enjoy the fun way of enhancing classroom instruction.


The use of Voki as a classroom instruction tool offers a wider range of activities for teachers and students alike. With its engaging animated avatars and various educational applications, Voki transforms traditional teaching methods into fun, innovative tools that promote greater student participation and learning.

Whether used as a classroom management tool or as part of language learning, Voki is a valuable addition to any teacher’s toolkit. Explore the magic of Voki today and unlock the potential of your lessons!

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