How to be Trauma Informed in the 21st-Century Classroom

Especially in this season of teaching, it is so important to know how to be trauma informed in the classroom. Trauma-informed teaching is a philosophy and set of practices that take into account how people’s early experiences influence their learning, behavior, and health. Trauma-informed teaching recognizes the signs of trauma in people’s lives, understands common … Read more

Clear Experiential Learning Benefits for Our K-12 Classrooms

When teachers learn about experiential learning activities, they are optimistic, but there is always the lingering question of true, long-term experiential learning benefits. We’ve seen trends come and go in education and wondering about experiential learning benefits is a valid thought. No one wants to put effort into something that doesn’t have any long-term promise. … Read more

Easy Ideas for Experiential Learning Activities in K-12

Once the student-centered model makes sense to a teacher, they are often excited to give it a try. However, it can be somewhat intimidating to find great experiential learning activities that aren’t too complex (you can’t dive headfirst into a fully student-led assignment without some hand-holding in the beginning). Often, teachers give these types of … Read more

Genius Experiential Learning Theory in the 21st-Century Classroom

Teachers often have an interest in experiential learning theory not because of what it is, but because of what it does. Experiential learning theory is an umbrella term for a collection of similar theories rather than one singular theory, but there are some commonalities. Most importantly is the idea that learning through experience is better … Read more

Easy Ways to Score Teaching Grants in K-12

We know there are so many things we would love to have for our classrooms, but often our school budgets don’t allow for them and our pockets sometimes can’t take the hit. This is when teaching grants are clutch. Teaching grants are given to teachers by many different organizations, businesses, universities, and foundations to help … Read more

Easy Tips for Teachers to Motivate Students in K-12

These days, those in education are constantly searching for tips for teachers to motivate students. COVID hit our classrooms so flipping hard and now we are trying to forge ahead while moving backward and it’s really, really difficult. In terms of tips for teachers to motivate students, there are some basic pieces to the puzzle … Read more

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