Creating a Fluid K-12 Student-Centered Curriculum with Earnest Teaching Strategies

A common misconception about creating a student-centered curriculum is about the teacher’s role in the student-centered classroom and if there are any core teaching strategies in play. Many people think of student-centered teaching as the easy way out for a teacher as they print off some worksheets and camp out for the class period. This … Read more

10 Amazing Teacher Supplies YOU NEED for Your Classroom

multicolored paperclips with the caption amazing teacher tools for the classroom

One thing so many teachers take pride in is their classroom environment.  There are so many tangible k 12 classroom supplies that can turn your room into the student-centered learning oasis of your dreams.  The importance of classroom decoration should not be ignored and more and more alternative seating in the classroom research is showing … Read more

Student-Centered World: A Student-Centered Learning Resource