Tips for School Teachers in the Prevention of Teacher Burnout

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with educators from across the teaching profession since starting Student-Centered World. From new teachers to veteran teachers to school leaders, teacher burnout hides from no one. It is very clear that the main pain point from all of them, no matter where they are in their teacher journey, is … Read more

Covert K-12 Trauma-Informed Teaching Helpful Self-Care

So often teachers fail to prioritize self-care because of the plethora of items overflowing their plates every day. Teachers who are often underfunded and overworked are too busy trying to keep afloat than to set boundaries to help preserve their own health. However, taking the time to do so is not only important on the … Read more

4 Guilt-Free Steps for Teacher Work-Life Balance in the Modern Day

Finding teacher work-life balance is hard. Some people choose to teach online. Most of these people absolutely love it. (If you’re teaching online NOT by choice and still trying to figure out distance learning, make sure you check out the article here.) Others are in the classroom, but with our world being constantly connected through … Read more

When You’re in a Toxic School Culture: 3 Options for Sanity

Listen to Episode 13 of the Student-Centered World Podcast above, “What Do You Do With a Toxic School?” I was on Facebook this morning and was reading the plight of a teacher who had a total administrative, unannounced observation the morning after returning from winter break. This is the stuff of school culture nightmares. That … Read more

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