(40-minute PD certificate included)Free Workshop

How are we supposed to counter the use of AI in our classrooms?!

We need to understand:

  • The latest developments in AI in education
  • The potential benefits and downfalls of AI in the classroom
  • How to effectively counter issues like cheating, "null and void" activities, and other worries
  • How to easily adapt lesson planning so AI isn't a concern

Totally free to attend for anyone in education

Free Workshop(60-minute PD certificate included)

During this interactive and informative webinar, you will learn about the latest research on student choice in the classroom and how it can benefit both you and your students including:

  • The benefits of student choice in the classroom, including improved motivation, engagement, and academic achievement
  • Strategies for giving students more autonomy and agency in their learning
  • Ways to create a classroom culture that supports student choice
  • Examples of successful student choice activities and projects
  • A 60-minute Professional Development certificate after viewing 100% of the workshop
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