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Strawbees: Classroom STEAM Kit for Learning in School

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) into the classroom has become crucial. Strawbees offers an innovative approach to hands-on learning, enabling students to develop essential skills through engaging, interactive projects. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all the ins and outs of the Strawbees program, designed to empower teachers and inspire students.

Strawbees Classroom: A Hub for Learning

Strawbees Classroom is the central hub where teachers can access a wealth of resources, including digital lessons, facilitation guides, and activity instructions. This platform provides class-ready lessons that align with Common Core standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, ensuring that the curriculum meets educational requirements while being fun and engaging for students.

Building Sets and Kits

Complete Strawbees and Strawbees STEAM Starter Kit

The Complete Strawbees set and the Strawbees STEAM Starter Kit are perfect for introducing students to the basics of building and engineering. These kits come with color-coded connectors and building straws of different lengths, making it easy for students to create a variety of structures, from simple geometric shapes to complex mechanical arms and robotic inventions.

STEAM School Kit

The STEAM School Kit is designed for an entire classroom of students, providing enough classroom material for large projects such as a large cityscape or a massive construction kit. It includes a storage solution with pull-out material trays, ensuring easy material management and organization.

Hands-On Learning and Creative Exploration

Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck

The Pocketful of Ideas card deck is a valuable resource that offers story-based challenges and new project ideas. These cards encourage students to think creatively and apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems, fostering creative thinking skills and creative confidence.

Rapid Prototyping and Versatile Connectors

Strawbees’ versatile connectors allow for rapid prototyping, enabling students to experiment with different materials and modification states. This flexibility is key to developing innovative solutions and understanding the principles of engineering and design.

Integrating Technology and Robotics

Robotics Sets and Makey Makey

For more advanced students, Strawbees offers robotics sets and integration with Makey Makey, allowing them to explore robotic capabilities and create robotic inventions. This hands-on exploration enhances their understanding of technology and its applications in the physical world.

Servo Motors and Digital Platform

The inclusion of servo motors and access to a digital platform provides students with the tools to bring their projects to life. This combination of physical and digital learning ensures a comprehensive educational experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Supporting Diverse Learning Needs

Special Needs and Sensory Solutions

Strawbees is committed to supporting students with special needs by providing sensory solutions and materials that cater to their unique requirements. This inclusive approach ensures that all students can benefit from hands-on STEM education.

Early Childhood and Pre-School Age

Strawbees also offers solutions for early childhood and pre-school age students, promoting fine motor skills and early learning through play-based activities.

Enhancing the Learning Environment

Storage Box and Outdoor Learning

The Strawbees storage box is an essential part of maintaining an organized classroom, ensuring that materials are easily accessible and well-kept. Additionally, Strawbees projects can be taken outdoors, encouraging outdoor learning and exploration.

General Supplies and Educational Games

Alongside the building materials, Strawbees provides general supplies and educational games that complement the STEM curriculum, making learning interactive and enjoyable.

Customer Support and Accessibility

Free Access and 1-Year Access

Teachers can benefit from free access to Strawbees’ digital lessons and resources, with an option for a 1-year access plan that includes additional materials and support. This ensures that educators have the tools they need to deliver effective STEM education.

Customer Service and Free Shipping

Strawbees offers excellent customer service, including free shipping on orders, ensuring that teachers receive their materials promptly and can focus on delivering quality education.

Email Address and Site Content

For additional support, teachers can reach out to Strawbees via email and access a wealth of site content that provides further insights and ideas for using Strawbees in the classroom.


Strawbees provides a unique solution for STEM educators, offering a comprehensive program that includes building sets, digital resources, and robust customer support. By integrating Strawbees into the classroom, teachers can foster a love for STEM in their students, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed for future success. Whether it’s through hands-on building, interactive digital lessons, or outdoor exploration, Strawbees transforms the learning experience, making STEM education accessible, engaging, and fun for all.

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