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25 Awesome, Affordable Teacher Gifts They’ll Go CRAZY For

It seems to sneak up on many of us…all of a sudden it is the time of year to be purchasing unique teacher gifts for one (or many) of the teachers that are involved in our daily lives. Sometimes we get to know those teachers well and immediately have an idea of an appropriate teacher present. Other times, we are left scrambling, wondering what would be a good call.

This is why teachers end up with so many (albeit cute) coffee mugs.

There are plenty of other inexpensive teacher gifts that the educators in your life will appreciate…and many of them actually want! Below we have compiled a list of 25 affordable gifts teachers want. Chances are, there is something for everyone on your shopping list.

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Just remember, if you aren’t sure if your teacher is a fan of something (like coffee), I wouldn’t suggest buying that gift.

(As a side note, if you find that any of these products are unavailable, please let me know so I can update the list! Thanks in advance 🙂 )

So now,

25 Affordable Teacher Gifts Your Educator
Will Go CRAZY For:

YETI Rambler 12 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle with Hot Shot Cap

YETI Rambler 12 oz Bottle, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated, with Hot Shot Cap (Ad)

If you’ve never used a Yeti Tumbler, they’re absolutely magical. They keep hot liquids warm for 5-6 hours and cold liquids for 24 hours! This makes it the perfect gift for a teacher. We are constantly putting down our cups only to find them later and the temperature is never the way we left it. There are a variety of colors, so you can pick a favorite or go with a school theme.

P is for Pterodactyl * The WORST Alphabet Book Ever


This book is a great laugh for a lighthearted teacher who teaches English. It is a mockery of all of the words that are pronounced nothing like they are spelled. It reminds me of that old Gallagher bit years ago. Does anyone remember that?

Colorful Self-Inking Motivation School Grading Teacher Stamp Set and Tray


When grading papers… it a worksheet or an extended thesis…teachers often write the same things over and over again. This stamp set makes that process go by just a little quicker. By having these stamps handy, instead of having to write things out (which we know often gets looked over anyway), these make it quicker, easier, and stand out more.

Butler in the Home Apple Shaped Paper Clips in Round Tin with Lid and Gift Box


These are cute and come in a little tin so they’re easy to keep organized. a teacher never has enough paper clips (bonus if you get the variety pack of binder clips as well!)

Hall Pass Lanyards in Chalkboard Design


Hall passes get notoriously chewed up as the year progresses. What I really like about these is that they come with a lanyard so there is less of a chance they will get misplaced along the student’s voyage (plus that means they don’t have to be touched in the bathroom….Lysol is also a good gift to give, just FYI!)

HotSox Novelty Teacher Socks


So these are men’s socks, but I have to stay….most male teachers I know play a STRONG sock game. I knew one administrator who had all quirky socks and never wore the same pair twice in a school year. These are some basic school supply ones, but you can get all kinds of fun men’s socks out there. Don’t discount the ladies, either. The same pair can be found in ladies as well (along with a plethora of other fun socks, too).

“My Quotable Little Students” Teacher Journal


If you’ve ever had a teacher go off in telling some “battle stories”, chances are at some point in the middle they’ve said, “I could write a book!”. Well, now is their chance. This fun journal gives teachers the chance to write down the cute and funny things their students have said. This is a fantastic memento for them, especially when they have a class that has some great one-liners.

Teacher Appreciation Necklace


There are a lot of options for teacher jewelry out there, but I love the ones that have these little sayings on them. They’re usually either some words of wisdom or expressions of gratitude, but they’re heartfelt and I love that. It is possible to say all of the things with one of these gifts. Again, many options to choose from.

Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Marker 8-pack


Not all gifts are flashy….some are just plain practical. A teacher will be over the moon to get some fresh, colorful Expo markers. They also make holders for them if that might interest you. I know many teachers request Expo Markers on their supply lists at the beginning of the year, but you would be surprised how fast they dry out or get lost. A fresh supply is always a good thing!

Fidget Bands for Desk Chairs


Stay with me on this one. These things are absolutely genius. I know they look like giant rubber bands that wrap around the desk chair legs, right? Well, that’s pretty much exactly what they are! They are PERFECT for students who fidget…the leg shaker, the pen tapper, the can’t-sit-still’er. This gives them something to do at their seat…and believe it or not, a student who has a focusing problem that has an avenue like this to expel that energy will be able to pay better attention.

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone


You’ll have to really know your teacher to know if this will work for him or her, but they’re all the rage right now. These microphones are perfect for SO many things in the classroom and the students get so much out of it from each unique experience (and they’re EXCITED to use it). Your teacher may really be wishing for one…I’d definitely find a way to ask first before indulging.

Wireless Classroom Doorbell


This is another gadget that is all the rage right now in classroom management. No, this isn’t to use as a traditional doorbell before someone comes into the classroom. The teacher puts the receiver in a central location in the room and then carries the button with her (many stick it on their lanyard). Then, any time he or she needs attention in the classroom, a press of the button will set off a chime that everyone can hear (without the teacher having to ell across the room). There is so much research out there that is showing how beautifully this is working. Something really to consider.

Large Pack of Super Sticky Post-It Notes


This one is almost self-explanatory. A teacher will ALWAYS appreciate a good run of Post-it notes. There never seems to be enough, and there is something almost soothing about knowing you have a stash waiting for you if (and when) you need it. Just slap a bow on top of this and call it a day!

Papermate Flair Pens


Flair pens are the holy grail of writing utensils for teachers. They are so versatile, leave a good, thick ink, and don’t generally bleed through paper. You literally can never go wrong with flair pens. Ever.

Personalized Teacher Sign

This is a great gift that will certainly be displayed for years to come. It is personalized and will be understood the time and thought that went into having an item like this created. Bonus points if your teacher is “Pinterest-y” and has the farmhouse classroom decor to boot (but obviously, not required!)

Tazo 40-count Tea Sampler with Honey Sticks


If your teacher if more of a tea drinker, this is also an amazing way to go. Tazo makes great tea and not only are there so many different ones to choose from depending on what mood strikes, but this pack also comes with little honey sticks (as someone who had an unfortunate experience with a container of honey and some ants in my work desk once, I can attest that this is a fabulous idea).

Amazon Gift Card


Teachers. Buy. So. Much. Stuff. On. Amazon.

Let me say it again.

Teachers as a whole spend so much of their own money on Amazon to bring things into the classroom. An Amazon gift card is a great way to help them out (and kind of pay them back!)

S’well Water Bottle


S’well water bottles are great. They keep your water cold and are easily portable by hand, thrown in a bag, purse, lunch box, etc. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and I can almost guarantee that any teacher would be thrilled to receive one of these!

“Why You’re The Best Teacher Ever” Fill-in Book


This is another one if you’re trying to get your teacher in the feels. Working best for younger students, this is a fill-in-the-blank book that helps a student (or students if they wish to do it as a group) to answer questions to explain why their teacher is the best teacher ever. This would be a memory that would be saved for years and years to come.

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

teachers pay teachers giftcard

If you’re not familiar, Teachers Pay Teachers is a website where teachers can purchase resources for their classroom based on standards, topics, lessons, etc. There are some AMAZING materials on that website and many teachers utilize them to help supplement what they are doing in the classroom. Resources range generally between $2-30 and a few bucks toward that would go a long way.

Desktop Visual Timer


Students do really well with knowing how much time they have to complete a task. Even when we are testing in the classroom, it is always required to put the amount of time remaining somewhere so all students can see it. This great little contraption can be set to any time within an hour and does not have to be limited to the board, projection screen, etc.

Dry Erase Marker and Eraser Storage


This is the mecca of whiteboard organization for teachers. Though I have seen a million different ways to attempt to keep dry-erase markers organized (and accounted for), this holder allows for 10 markers and an eraser to call it home (and bonus: they can be scored upsidedown, which leads to them drying out slower!)

Binding Machine


As teachers, we are constantly making packets, booklets, etc. for our classrooms. Sometimes they are for the students, others it is to organize data, etc. A binding machine makes nice, neat little books that can stay highly organized and less likely to get lost. This is a total game-changer.

Teacher “Friends” Shirt


Any teacher who loves Friends will LOVE this t-shirt. Another one you may need to investigate before purchasing, but it will be well worth it if you find out it’s a go!

Please note: teacher t-shirts are very hot right now!! Any cute or funny t-shirt is sure to be a home run 🙂

Astrobrights Colored Cardstock Paper


This paper is incredible. Teachers often try to use color whenever possible to help information “pop” for their students, but our copiers and printers are often black and white, so we make adjustments with colored paper. This paper is bold, thick, and fantastic for what we use it for in the classroom.

Do you also have another great teacher gift idea that isn’t listed? Leave it in the comments below so we can all take a look. Happy shopping 🙂

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