4 Easy Ways to Make Your Classroom Student-Centered Tomorrow

We all want to succeed at student-centered classroom design, but there’s so much out there on what that looks like that it can be overwhelming…and expensive. Here’s the perfect solution if you want to create a functional, student-centered classroom (even if your budget is small….or not at all!). Introducing 4 ways to make your classroom student-centered… … Read more

Your 21st-Century Classroom Management Philosophy: Clear and Meaningful

All teachers are expected to have a classroom management philosophy, but what does this actually mean (and what should it look like in a 21st-century classroom)? The answer to that question depends on three things: the teacher’s purpose, the learners’ needs, and a good understanding of how young people develop in a digital age. In … Read more

Differentiation of Instruction: Easy Ideas for the 21st Century Classroom

Table of Contents1 Click above to listen to Episode 37 of the Student-Centered World Podcast: Simplifying Classroom Differentiation (Transcript at the bottom of this page)2 Differentiation of Instruction and Student-Centered Learning3 Below is the transcript from the Student-Centered World Podcast Episode 37 “Simplifying Classroom Differentiation”:4 Teacher Stress5 Differentiation of Instruction with the 4 Keys Click … Read more

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