Ultimate Guide to Brain Break Activities

Brain Breaks. What are they? A brain break is when you take a moment (or two) to step away from what you are working on to give your brain time to decompress so it continues to work at its top potential. We all need them sometimes. They are known as “brain breaks”. Our students are no different. These look different depending on who needs one, from children to adults. To help out our readers, we are creating the series: The Ultimate Guide to Brain Break Activities. Here,  we will be covering a variety of different techniques and ideas for when your students (or you) just need a brain break to collect yourselves and move forward in a positive and productive fashion.

What to do when your brain or child's brain needs a break


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brain breaks


what is a brain break





best brain break ideas


brain breaks for middle school


calming brain breaks


just dance brain breaks


youtube brain breaks


brain breaks for kindergarten


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brain breaks during testing



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